The demand and the prices for rental apartments have been increased in Yerevan

Rental apartments

The most demanded apartments in any administrative district of Yerevan are the small (studio) apartments. Due to the concentration of businesses, the most active and bustling administrative districts are Kentron and Arabkir. And in general, the main demand for one-room or small rental apartments in all the districts of Yerevan is among people who are on business trip and students։ by the way, the latter do not have high household requirements, the main factor for students is the price, they only need a temporary shelter.

Meanwhile, people looking for two or more rooms consider the apartments in terms of amenities and affordable prices, as they plan to rent the apartment for a longer period of time. The number of people looking for two or more-room apartments is fewer, and they mostly search for the apartments on a long-term basis. In such cases, renters prefer semi-furnished or unfurnished  apartments, because, as a rule, they bring some furniture with them. Another point is that the rental price of such apartments is so high, that by spending just the same amount of money per month, a person can afford himself to get a mortgage loan to buy an apartment.

Statistics show that, when renting it does not important in what kind of building the apartment is. Of course, the apartments of modern and newly-built buildings are especially important for the representatives of international organizations.

Rental houses

The data by the number of rooms and administrative districts is the same both for houses and apartments. Mainly ambassadors, consuls, and people holding similar positions live in completely renovated houses. They mostly prefer Kentron and Arabkir administrative districts.

The rental prices for apartments in the administrative districts of Yerevan

The table below shows the average rental prices for apartments in Yerevan, in US dollars.


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